marijo-tot-harbin-yitengGreetings my dear sports friends!

It took a long time to get to this moment, when I made a decision to display the portion of my football career on-line. The chronological sequence of jobs and duties I performed in the course of my coaching career is, of course, just a part of the picture; a one side of the coin, so to speak. The other side is not visible by naked eye and represents in fact the foundation of my life.

I endeavor to show you, in images, all the joy but at the same time the difficulty of the profession I chose and am determined to pursue further.

Let us look back in the past, when everything, in indirect manner, began. I was born in sports-oriented family, where sport was always the necessary element of living. My choice, since the earliest age, was one: football. As perspective young player I searched for my football expression and my future was projected against the canvas of stern labor, sacrifices but also of great love towards the game of football. The greatest achievements I accomplished as a player were good, especially in the early days of my career, when I was deemed a promising talent.

I played professional football in two countries – Slovenia and Croatia – in numerous professional clubs, but those achievements have proven not to be entirely satisfactory, so I made a choice of early career reorientation. When I was 26 I already began my coaching career, which continues today.

In the last 18 years I traveled all around the world, worked in different climates and cultures, met a lot of people and got acquainted with their worlds, enriching myself as a person, while leaving the deep trace and numerous friends behind me – something that today makes me intellectually rich person.

If you ask me, what I want from life, then I can reply that it is to build my family, maintaining friendships I acquired and perpetuate my achievements in sport, to present them to both myself and the world. I am deeply aware of disappointments and sorrows this profession carries with itself, but they are necessary elements of the whole picture.

Passion, discipline, sacrifice, research of new ideas, development of oneself and those who I work with and, finally, the fruits of such work are the thing I strive for. I always expected the utmost from myself and those around me, and such approach brought me a bundles of joy, something that football naturally carries within itself.

This website, which you will browse – with pleasure, I hope – provides insight into my life in sports and events I witnessed.

Yours truly,

Marijo Tot